Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Deadly Angels Strike Back (1981)

1981 - Cewek Jagoan Beraksi Kembali (P.T. Parkit Films)

[Sequel to Five Deadly Angels, international title “Deadly Angels Strike Back”; released in West Germany as “Tödliche Engel Schlagen Zurück”, and on German VHS under the original film’s title “Tödliche Engel”]

Director Danu Umbara Writers Deddy Armand, Danu Umbara Producer Dhamoo Punjabi Cinematography H. Asmawi Music Gatot Sudarto

Cast Debbie Cinthya Dewi (Rina), Dana Christina (Pinky), Eva Arnaz (Windy), Barry Prima (Herman), George Rudy, Bram Adrianto, Malino Djunaedy, Nanang Durachman, Eddy Hansudi, Yusuf Har, Edy S. Jonathan


  1. Hi there, I would really like to buy from you the uncut version of "deadly angels strike back" if you have it on VCD or DVD.

    Would this be possible? :)

    Many thanks.
    Mark :)

  2. You got the wrong German video cover at the top! "Tötliche Engel" is a completely different film called FIRE OF VENGEANCE.